Hair Color – Golden Highlights with Cassia Obovata.

Love your golden highlights with Cassia Obovata.

Hair Color– Love the Golden Highlights of Cassia Obovata


Natural highlights of hair color like ash blonde hair, golden blonde hair or other lighter hair shades can be made radiant with Cassia Obovata. It is a green powder like henna, but unlike henna it does not deposit any color if left on for short time periods. Cassia Obovata is an excellent conditioning herb, also known to help with the hair loss. This powder can be mixed with other herbs as Amla, Shikakai for conditioning and other health benefits to hair & scalp.

According to Wikipedia, “Another Senna, Senna (Cassia obovata), often called “neutral henna”, is used as a hair treatment with effects similar to henna but without the red color. The active component is an anthraquinone derivative called chrysophanic acid. It adds a slight yellow color.”

The yellow color is left when the powder made into a paste and is left on the hair for long periods of time. That why various shades of blonde hair, like ash blonde hair and golden hair gain beautiful natural highlights. 

Cassia Obovata (Senna) will naturally condition all textures of hair, adding luster and supple definition. It is also known to improve scalp condition and eliminates dandruff. If you have is ash blonde hair, golden blonde or gray hair, it will brighten and add golden hues and natural highlights (depending on length of time the paste left on your hair). If you have dark hair color, it will not lighten your hair, but you will still reap the deep conditioning benefits found). It’s also safe to use on relaxed, bleached or dyed hair.

Left: Henna Plant.
Right: Cassia Senna Obovata Plant.

Can you SEE the difference?

Botanical History

Cassia Obovata is also called Senna (Senna Obovata). There are over 400 species of the Senna plant. The ground powder is made from harvested, dried leaves of the Cassia Obovata plant. Although it has various medicinal uses, this powder is often used to condition, thicken, define natural highlights and color the hair. Lighter hair color like ash blonde hair, golden hair and others naturally benefit from this plant.

About the Misnomer: “Neutral Henna”


Cassia Obovata or Senna is an herb that is frequently marketed by several companies as “Neutral Henna” powder. Of course this questionable marketing practice causes much confusion to the consumer. As noted above, Cassia Obovata has a number of beneficial properties that help condition and soften the hair. However pure Cassia Obovata is not henna powder or made from the henna plant -as is the case with a genuine henna powder “neutral” mixture. The staining and conditioning properties of Cassia Obovata or Senna (similar to henna powder staining and conditioning) might be one of the reasons it is often marketed as neutral henna.

Please Don’t Get Confused:

At Saba Botanical of USA, “neutral henna” is henna powder made from the stems of the henna plant. Genuine “neutral henna” from Saba
Botanical of USA is not Cassia Obovata (Senna).

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